Do you make custom Clips?

Of course, it’s practically how I got into the video production aspect of this industry over 15 years ago!

Please peruse the content on my clip stores, read my About page and become familiar with my work before ordering a custom. Visit the Custom Video page for more details and to place your order.

I am currently prioritizing videos in the following categories:

Foot Fetish – Worship/Domination/JOI/Tease

Leg Fetish – Worship/Domination/JOI/Tease

Ass Fetish – Worship/Domination/JOI/Tease

Financial Domination

JOI / Orgasm Control (including ruined orgasms / orgasm denial)

Can I worship you in real life?

Not unless you’re an established client.

To become an established client, start with a $1000 tribute and letter of intent and by filling out my application here for Service / Submission / Worship.

What if I am disobedient / insolent / naughty / don’t follow rules ?

I don’t do willful disobedience nor do I play with those who do not respect Me & My boundaries & rules, this is MY Domain …

You will be given an opportunity to pay for your mistakes with a financial tribute of $1000, immediately after your blunder. If you do not pay, you will be banished from my world; it is that simple.

If you make more than 1 blunder but pay, the price will double with each faux pas. If this seems unreasonable, we are not a good fit for play, and you should see yourself away from my interactive sites.

If you are rude or disrespectful I retain the right to end a session / interaction at any time or decline services to you in perpetuity.

Do you cam / Can we Skype?

Yes I offer cam sessions to established clients and to first-time clients who are willing to pay a premium rate at SextPanther (found here).

I only offer Skype chat/cam sessions to established clients and first-time clients who have paid my premium rate and passed screening.

This requires payment through age verified source or screening using pics of you, your ID, you holding your ID – the same things we have to do as performers to upload our content or perform on cam sites.

What are your favorite activities?

Please see my Interests page to learn many of my yucks and YUMS and find out if they align with yours!

Can I buy your worn items?

Due to living outside the USA I do not sell my worn items regularly.

Occasionally I will bring a big haul of worn items (stockings/ socks/ panties/ bras / shoes) back to the USA for sale, but I no longer ship outside the USA for cost/logistical/legal purposes.

I DO NOT offer condoms / cum or other bodily fluids for sale.

Can I pay you / Where Can I pay you?

Of course you can. This is usually just a way for wankers to get a response for free. You can pay/tip/tribute me at any of my clip stores or through Spankpay here.

Do you switch / Can I Dominate You?

Absolutely not.

I have no problem playing with or Dominating switches but I am only available in a Dominant capacity.

Submit to Your Goddess

I know you’re craving more. Surrender now and submit yourself for a deeper connection with me.

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