Addicting Femdom Power

My mind and body will soon become your new religion

Worshipping and obeying my every command shows me how desperate you are to be one of my faithful playthings. I am drawn to submissives who have been searching for the Dominatrix – the one to draw you into her web. Before you know it, every breath, every urge of yours, will be mine.

Known for owning the holy trinity of the most perfect ass, legs, and feet, these are affectionately known as my doll parts.

Armed with a juicy booty and a devilish smile, I can go from nurturing to strict at the click of my fingers – but always encouraging. Foot lovers exalt my high-arched feet, and nothing makes my pulse quicken more than creating custom foot fetish content for you to whimper over.

Just one look at my pretty doll parts will have you transfixed, spellbound; just one look, and you’ll be mine.

My mercurial teasing style

is as much about the process of getting ready as it is about the power I gain from your submission.

A former burlesque dancer, I am best dressed for pleasure, with a large lingerie, stocking, and heels collection.

I adore the way my perfect feet and toned legs look wrapped in stockings, how my tattooed tight and toned body feels when wrapped in silk and lace.

Known for my unique take on orgasm control, cuckolding, and tease and denial, I love to encourage and embarrass my little cucks.

Exerting my femdom power over you is what a discerning Goddess does best, and I am a very positive, vocal Domme to serve. 

When I've had my way with you, all you’ll have left are little grunts and whimpers.

The kind investment I bring to my connections
is much more than my physical beauty and natural superiority

I am a thoughtful and encouraging Domme – you don’t need to be an expert in all things kink to serve me! 

Whether you’re approaching me for your first erotic tease session or your thousandth sensual domination, what I do expect is willingness, a dedication to serve, and most of all, those who value tasteful domination. 

My playful yet capricious personality is completely authentic, really me – I was born for D/s connections, and I’ve been honored to play with and be served by many submissives.

HarD Limits

While I am impressed by the ingenuity of my submissives, the following are my hard limits:

Under no circumstances will I tell you to participate in:
  • Hurting yourself or anyone else in a life-threatening, non-consensual manner
  • Non-consensually involving anyone in our dynamic
  • Anything illegal (including real blackmail)
  • Blood play
  • Race play
  • Religious play (regarding real-life religions)

custom videos

You’ve read all about my interests and Hard Limits. You’ve got all the information you need now. 

Don’t hold back, order your own custom video and surrender to your innermost desires.

Your fantasies start here!

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